Chocopaz - a global distributor of happiness and positive emotions. From Dubai.

About Us

Chocopaz LLC was founded in 2016 by true chocolate connoisseurs with deep understanding of ideology behind artisan chocolate products as well as strong value for highest standards of quality.

Over the years, Chocopaz successfully grew into a global distribution company that represents multiple international brands, well-known for the quality standards of their products in various markets.

Our Products

Globally recognized brands we work with

Our Philosophy

At Chocopaz, we believe that true magic comes from the right combination of skills, passion, fantasy and aesthetic taste. As a distributor of edible consumer products, we deeply understand that at the end, all of our products should deliver this magic in the form of happiness and positive emotions. This is why we carefully select only the best of the best brands to work with, those who can deliver products of the highest-quality and perfect combination of ingredients, form and packaging.

With its Head Office located in Dubai, our vision is, and always was to fill such a demanding market as UAE with products of the highest quality, products that rightfully deserve to be called "the best".

Take the best to get the perfect.