Prime quality

Chocopaz is a brand new refined artisan chocolate created by original recipes using selected cocoa beans harvested on greatest plantations of Peru. Creating Chocopaz Organic Vegan Chocolate we sought to create the best organic product from carefully selected ingredients. Connoisseurs of real organic chocolate appreciate the amazing healthy properties of this delicacy – enjoying the rich taste of true chocolate and being filled with internal energy, you are sure that all the ingredients are good for your health.

Two main factors are the most important to create a perfect chocolate taste: the highest quality of cocoa beans and mastery of chocolatier. Chocolate production begins with the accurate selection of the best cocoa beans that have been previously extracted from the pod, fermented and dried. Chocolate makers receive two main products from cocoa beans – grated cocoa and cocoa butter. In contrast to the mass production of chocolate, our small-scale chocolate bar making process uses Bean to Bar technology. The basis for the creating of chocolate is cocoa beans. They need to be roasted, subjected to complex processing and grinding, possible only in small manufactures, in order to get high-quality Craft Chocolate. Each stage of this process requires attention and inspiration. Using the best equipment and the work of professionals are essential since every little thing can affect the taste and appearance of the finished chocolate bar.


In Chocopaz we are deeply convinced that the refined flavor of our artisan chocolate is much more art than science. But even the true art can be decomposed into its main components and it always obeys certain fundamental principles.

Take the best to get the perfect

We pay so much attention to the selection of best of the best flavors, ingredients and cocoa beans because they mostly define whether our chocolates will be just delicious or absolutely gorgeous.

Trust professionals

Our chocolatiers are simultaneously passionate scientists, creators, sculptors, and dreamers. Chocopaz provides them with full creative freedom so they give vent to their imagination and create the most amazing masterpieces and unexpected blends of smooth, spicy or bitter-sweet tastes.

Add a little magic

Some magic comes from the synergy of skills, passion, fantasy and aesthetic taste of our chocolatiers and creates the superb flavor of Chocopaz Organic Chocolate bars.

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